Your Guide to a Lush Healthy Lawn

Your Guide to a healthy Lawn

If you want a lush, green lawn, but like me, prefer the organic route, consider this.
The goal of organic lawn care is to build rich, dark, chemical free soil that is abundant with life, its benefit is the soils ability to retain water.
It is a wise decision to make sure that your soil is healthy having a ph between 6.3 to 6.8.
Because your lawn needs beneficial microbes to grow and flourish, you can accomplish this by adding organic compost to the lawn just prior to the growing season. Your organic compost can comprise of a mixture of things that you use everyday, such as coffee grounds, tea bags, vegetable peels, shredded newspapers, animal manure, etc you should apply a layer, but be careful so that you don’t smother your lawn.
The ideal way to apply this compost is by putting several piles in different areas on your lawn and then with a broom sweeps it into a thin even layer, ensuring that it gets to the soil, and does not just lie on top of the grass blades.
Follow up with a good watering to get the beneficial microbes into the soil
Organic fertilizer is protein based, and includes ground corn, alfalfa, cotton seed, soy and other grains.
In order to manage pests, use regular dish soap and white vinegar which makes for a great organic pesticide spray which you can spray liberally on your lawn to rid it of insects or fungus.
You can apply liquid seaweed to your lawn. It contains iron, magnesium, and zinc support plant health and root development and help fight off fungal diseases.
After the initial application, you can apply it monthly, but keep in mind that “less is better”, and fewer sprayings will provide better benefits.
The key a great lawn is that set your lawn mower higher, so as not to cut your lawn too short, resulting in drying out the soil. Longer length also will discourage an invasion of weeds.
Finally, don’t overwater your lawn and avoid watering late in the afternoon or in evening to prevent fungal growth, however in summer, the evening is the best time to water your lawn.

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