sprouts and sprouting

Types of seeds available for sprouting:

mung bean
green pea

Sprouting Equipment;
Glass jar with a meshed(muslin) lid fitted with an elastic band
Place the amount of seed overnight in a container or jar filled with water. The seedsí size will increase many times over during the soaking and sprouting process.
keeping the mesh lid on keep the jar in a cool darkish place.
Wet the seed  twice a day and immediately drain the water properly.
Keeping the jar free of excess water is important as the water could cause the seeds to rot.
There are ways to sprout indoors for salads or sarmies
Seeds to use:
Mustard, Cress
Radish seed
leafy vegetable seed
Fill an old wooden vegetable/fruit box or plastic container(with holes), with soil. place in a shaded or sunny area, not in a dark area.
To sow, scatter the seed thickly on the bed and cover with soil. If open in the garden, cover the spot with orange bags or netting since after planting, the birds are very fond of these seeds and find the spot amazingly quickly.
Quantities of 100gms would be enough for a month’s supply of high protein salad greens.


Planting the tops of your veg in water.
Use the tops of radish, carrots, turnip and beetroot. Most root vegetables may be sprouted so. Trim the
leafy part of the vegetable and cut so that about 2cm of flesh of root remains attached. Place in a dish with
water to the level of the flesh of the root. The green tips will regrow supplying fresh salad vitamin A and C enriched greens

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