Raising chickens in the garden for eggs

Wanna raise your own free range chickens? Developing a relationship with these birds is incredibly rewarding and there is nothing better then having your own fresh eggs.

Chickens eat and scratch around in the garden, pecking new shoots and pretty much polish off your lawn, so you’ll need to be careful if you let the birds roam free range. If you want them to eat fresh grass and but want to protect your crops and garden, I would suggest having a few fenced off areas(run) that you can move them to using a rotational method. this way you can keep move them out of an area before they eat the grass roots. I wouldn’t suggest confining your chickens to a coop as they have a pretty varied diet and need to be able to forage for it.

If you live in town, you probably want to keep the birds in a coop but they need a soil for bathing, grass which you can grown in trays and fresh air. create a fenced area(the run) attached to the outside of their coop for fresh air and sunshine. chickens need fresh clean water and a variety of grains and seeds to supplement their diet if they are living in a confined space, their coops need to be cleaned everyday and throwing down lime, once or twice a week will help with the mites. They need a cosy warm place to lay eggs, I use lucern straw which needs to be replaced quite during the breeding periods. they need to roost at nite on poles above the ground and make sure the coop is designed so that they are able to poop without pooping on each other or hard to clean areas.

Keep in mind when building a coop that you will need that the coop needs to be the right size with good ventilation, protection from predators(chicken mesh) and you will need roosting poles and nest boxes .

here is fabulous option for urban style coops which I found on Karen’s blog – http://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/the-coop/









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