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Organic Fertilizer for your vegetables and fruit garden

A basic requirement for a successful organic vegetable garden is fertilizer, water and full sun. Manure from horses also doubles as a great soil additive that will help even the poorest of soils. The horse manure must be aged and composted for at least 3 months before being added to the vegetable bed. The composted manure will look dark and soil like when it’s ready, almost like top quality potting soil. Cover the top of the vegetable bed to a depth of about 18cm. Water thoroughly and allow sit for 2 weeks. Earthworms will work their way up from the soil into the compost. The earthworms naturally till of the garden bed. Weed seedlings should be pulled out by hand each day.

Plants that are grown in the composted manure are stronger and more resistant to insect pests. They tend to attract ladybugs which in turn like to eat aphids, a major pest in most vegetable gardens. To avoid fungus problems such as powdery mildew I just water early in the day. Leaving water on the plants overnight is the major cause of powdery mildew.
Collect rainwater in plastic barrels or in a tank and use this water for your garden, it should respond much better then chemically treated water from the municipality. Full sunshine is very important in making a vegetable garden a success.

When is comes time to harvest the fruits and vegetables. The tomatoes should definitely have much more flavor. Go organic with your garden, use organic seeds if possible, in the end you will save money on not having to buy chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and your fruit and vegetables will be delicious.


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