DIY house or garden light

A simple DIY light with modeling clay

For those who do not know it, the modeling paste is a kind of gray putty made ​​from clay (not clay as such), which dries the air and, once dry, is completely rigid and white. This pasta, which can be purchased at craft stores, stationery and even Chinese bazaars, offers many possibilities: from ornaments and necklaces, to bowls and bowls, to the classical decorative figures. So today I bring you a simple DIY house light with modeling clay and some of them very handy for decorating the house.
This craft takes a little more work than before, but is easier to do than it sounds. We use cutters gingerbread house I taught for front and rear, but the roof and walls cut them by hand with a cutter.
Simply cut the dough pieces as we have seen before and use cutters of different shapes or objects to decorate the house and come out the light. We use a heart for windows front and rear, stars for the roof and the top of a lipstick for the side windows. In principle also cut the pieces to make a fireplace, but then decided not to put it because we liked it better without it.Cut the pieces and let it dry a couple of days, turning to not bend or putting some weight on top when it has passed one day
Once the pieces, sanded to smooth edges and stick with white glue (being a very porous material, the pieces remain tightly attached) are dry. If the pieces do not fit quite right, we can use small pieces of dough to fill the gaps wet parts with a little water to glue and, once dry, fix the pieces with glue . No matter that we see first coarse, then we will sandpaper (this time with a coarse sandpaper ) and be perfect, as you can see in the evolution of the picture above the photo below.
I recommend that the two pieces of the roof ye do them once the four walls are already mounted, so they can finish drying on the house (first on a flat surface and when the pieces have taken a bit of body, on the house ). We had to repeat because the were quite deformed in drying and did not fit well at all.
After sanding all together,  sandpaper across the surface of the house to give a smooth, even texture and put a candle inside.

house lights

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