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olive oil farms in the western cape

The farm is situated in the Southern Cape in an area called De Rust. De Rustica Olive Estates was established in 2005.

The farm lies at the southern foot of the world famous swartberg mountains and slightly east of the swartberg pass and close to Knysna and the garden route.

What’s on in JHB, June 2015


TREVOR NOAH South Africa’s most successful comedy export returns to the motherland with his latest stand-up show Lost In Translation. Catch him while you can as Trevor Noah is soon to start work as the new host of America’s leading political satire show The Daily Show. Teatro at Montecasino May 29 – Jun 28.

MORECAMBE: Craig Urbani stars as Eric Morecambe in this touching musical comedy about the life of one of the UK’s most successful light entertainment stars. Showing at Pieter Toerien Theatre at Montecasino until June 7.

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Cinema LGBTI FILM FESTIVAL Curated by local queer activist and artist Dean Hutton and Bioscope co-founder Darryl Els, this festival provides a diverse reflection of queer life around the world through the latest feature, documentary and short films. There is also a special focus on early gay and lesbian cinema. May 28-Jun 3.


ON THE FRONTLINE: Photos taken during the struggle to end apartheid taken in South Africa’s neighbouring countries illustrating the conflict and destruction that these ‘frontline’ countries suffered at the hands of the apartheid state. Showing at Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory in Houghton until July 17.
UNREST: The latest photography exhibition by Hasan and Husain Essop is a thought-provoking look at society’s prevalent generalisations of male Muslim identities. Showing at the Standard Bank Art Gallery until June 20.
SIMON GUSH – WORKPLACE: Photographer and filmmaker Simon Gush continues his examination of work – in particular physical labour – and how it regulates our everyday life. Showing at Stevenson Gallery until June12.
NOT X CHRIS SAUNDERS: The Museum of African Design (MOAD) hosts this eye-catching cross-cultural fashion and photography exhibition inspired by Joburg’s unique street fashion. On show until June 28.



New! HAVE CITY – WILL PLAY A bright, bold and vividly colourful mixed media celebration of life in Joburg by Shani Waldbaum. Opens at Mzansi Gallery in Melville on Fri May 29 at 18:30.
New! #SOMETHING MUST FALL Inspired by the debates surrounding the country’s colonial statues, young South African artists present their take on the politics of heritage, identity and representation at the Kalashnikov Gallery in Braamfontein. The exhibition opens on Thu May 27 at 18:00 and the artworks are on show on May 29 and 30 from 10:00-15:00.
POST AFRICAN FUTURES This new exhibition promises to showcase the great variety of digital art in Africa. Now at Goodman Gallery in Parkwood.
STREET TALK An exhibition about graffiti, print and graphic art in Africa curated by local graffiti artist Breeze Yoko and featuring works by artists such as Mak1one, Rayaan Cassiem and Mr Fuzzy Slipperz. Now showing at HAZARD Gallery in Maboneng.
CONSTRUCT TO DECONSTRUCT Happy Dhlame unpacks the abandoned places of the inner-city in a site-specific installation and painting exhibition in Johannesburg Art Gallery.
DEBORAH BELL – DREAMS OF IMMORTALITY:  A mixture of sculpture, installation and works on paper including “Return of the Gods: The Ancient Ones” a multi-sensory installation centred around five monumental sculptures. Showing at Everard Read in Rosebank until June 27.
TAMLIN BLAKE – REVELATION: Three years in the making, Revelation is the culmination of a six year exploration into recycled newspaper as a tapestry medium inspired by the 14th Century Apocalypse Tapestry of Angers. Now showing at Circa Gallery in Rosebank.
THE ART OF THE BRICK: 75 astonishing sculptures made by Nathan Sawaya using more than one million LEGO bricks. The exhibition also includes a LEGO building zone, Playstation gaming area and other kid-friendly activities. At The Zone@Rosebank until Aug 02.


The Jozi music scene offers everything from indie and rock to afro jazz and soul. Top live music venues to keep your eye on include The Orbit jazz club in Braamfontein, the legendary Bassline in Newtown, the underground music and festival venue Carfax and the spectacular Randlords rooftop. To watch up-and-coming bands in an intimate atmosphere try the little bohemian music cafes like Amuse Cafe or Afrikan Freedom Station.
REGULAR EVENTS Regular events worth making space in your diary for include: the Johnny Walker Red Hot Jazz Nights at Bassline (every Wed from 19:30), the Sophiatown Jazz Encounters (usually last Fri of the month), the free Howl live music night at Wolves in Illovo (every Thu) and the Park Acoustics festival at Pretoria’s Voortrekker Monument (last Sun of the month).


Hip food and craft markets have become one of the most popular ways for Joburgers to spend their weekends and there are a number of great venues to choose from. On Saturdays try the Bryanston Organic Market or Neighbourgoods Market and on Sundays take your pick from Rosebank Sunday MarketMarket On Main or the Fourways Farmer’s Market.

ROSEBANK SUNDAY MARKET: This bustling market on the rooftop of the Rosebank Mall is getting bigger every week with a wide range of food and drinks vendors and excellent arts, crafts, fashion and antiques stalls.

Sunday from 09:00-16:00.
​BRYANSTON ORGANIC MARKET: The original outdoor market. In existence for close on 37 years and still offering a superb range of organic goods and products in a relaxed, family-friendly environment. Open Thu and Sat 09:00-15:00.

Tea suppliers in SA

Here is a beautifully branded product which offers a great range of South African teas and accessories with a few brewing instructions.

From Tai Chi to Chai tea, the inherent goodness and balance of Eastern ways has always fascinated the fast paced Occident. It’s with no surprise that many aspects of the Orient have been assimilated into Western Culture over the last few decades (although the slow rate of adoption has been surprising). Now a unique concept called enmasse is about to change the notion of a tea ceremony and by combining the allure of authenticity with the familiarity of convenience.


123 Hope Street, Gardens,
Cape Town,
Tel: 021 461 5650


Illovo Junction, unit 14,
1 Corlett Drive (corner Oxford),
Illovo, 2196
Tel: 011 880 3020

Addiction and How Mind is Matter


Addiction is defined as “the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, such as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.” What makes so many of us prone to addiction in its various forms? What causes us to be open to this enslavement? And how do we begin to undo it?


It’s not really a question of “mind over matter” because the mind IS matter!

As recent neuroscience has demonstrated, every habit lays down its own neural pathway i.e., it carves its own rut track in the brain – and the inertia around these pathways is considerable. The disruption of ANY happy pathway brings with it considerable discomfort and resistance. So you’re quite right in lumping together habits and addictions; the difference between them is more one of degree than of kind. One can be addicted to coffee, alcohol, porridge for breakfast, endorphins, heroin, meditation, exercise, sex or God! The difference is only that the classic “chemical dependency addictions” add to our already full plate of cognitive and emotional distress and at the interruption of a habit, physiological distress as well.

Most of the moral and spiritual training of Western minds over the past two millennia has been couched around instilling “good habits” – or at least replacing unhealthy behavior patterns with healthy behavior patterns. But there has been a school of spiritual training in all the great traditions that claims that real spiritual maturity is the ability to be habit-free: to be able to bushwhack through consciousness without laying down ANY of those familiar but deadly ruttracks.

My own teacher Rafe belonged to this school of thought. On his prayer desk, he kept a quotation from the British spiritual teacher Maurice Nicoll: “Faith is a continual inner effort, a continual altering of the mind, of the habitual ways of thought, of the habitual ways of taking everything, of habitual reactions.” Rafe took that saying deeply to heart. From time to time, he would spontaneously uproot his established patterns and preferences in order to keep his spiritual life (as well as his mind) supple, and to experience that pure rush of freedom that comes from being able to sit in the chaos of a disrupted habit – like an anthill that’s just been kicked in – and transform the pain into the razor’s edge of pure consciousness.

To do this, however, is an advanced spiritual skill. It requires an ability to sit in the presence of powerful emotional currents – pain, grief, yearning, fear – and experience them as pure sensation rather than as part of the story we keep telling ourselves about who we are. This is an acquired skill, whose foundations are in meditation and conscious breathing.

Both habits and addictions, in my experience, are a kind of shorthand we resort to for getting through our lives because we lack the spiritual/energetic force to stay present to the field of our own “pure awareness.” Our habits are primarily the SYMPTOMS of our low level of Being, not the CAUSE of it. So my own preference is to work a little each day on increasing my tolerance for Being (or presence or pure awareness – they’re simply different ways of speaking about the same vitalized energy field of consciousness). Once that force of Being is strong enough within us, then dealing with habits/addictions is like taking off a raincoat once the sun is shining.

–Cynthia Bourgeault
Cynthia Bourgeault is an Episcopal priest, writer, and retreat leader. She is founding director of the Aspen Wisdom School in Colorado and principal visiting teacher for the Contemplative Society in Victoria, BC, Canada.